Success Stories

Michael Landed 2 Competing six figure job offers!

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From 12 years fearing interviewing to her well deserved PREMIUM six figure position!

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From Finance to Implementation Specialist in One Jump WHILE doubling his salary!

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From “not a good fit” to landing his first six figure position in the industry he went to school for.

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From a toxic work culture & a long job hunt, to a new six figure position in a new industry with no prior experience.

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Mastering interviewing & making a quantum leap in 2 months!

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From data entry at $13/hour to a 21k increase in just 2 weeks!

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From insurance rep at 45k/year, to a Six Figure Sales Force Business Partner with no "official" SF experience!

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From wobbly self-confidence after moving to the USA from Cuba to 178k Position for a Dell company!

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From avoiding interviews, to owning her brilliance & landing her PREMIUM six-figure role During the pandemic!

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Ric turned down one offer to receive a WAY better one Including a 25k Raise + Bonus & Perks!

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Jamie made One Key shift in identifying her true value & Negotiated a 15k Raise including perks like (WFH & Extra time off)!

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Anneliesa went from not knowing what she wanted to do, To landing her Premium offer in Government Communications!

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How Mike Let go of Over Preparing to Relaxing into who he is & landing his most lucrative Premium offer yet!

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Frenk landed a 100k Premium role in 2 months!

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How Isa went from not negotiating for 8 years TO becoming a TOP EARNER in her industry!

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By valuing herself into the work she loves, Miesha landed a 50% increase in salary + bonuses!

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Small Incremental shifts lead to big results with Colleen McKinney Ballesteros

I want results like these!

There Are 6 Parts To The Process

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I want results like these!

My story

I’m Natalie Fisher, Career & Mindset Certified Life Coach, Career mentor for professionals, & host of the Get a Six Figure Job You Love Podcast.

I was laid off in 2014 when suddenly the company I worked for closed. From one day to the next 178 people were all out of work. Many very talented & amazing humans & co-workers who I’d still call friends today.

As someone who actually enjoyed job interviews (My friends would joke saying: “Natalie is the only person I know who actually likes going to job interviews)... I felt immediately excited at the prospect of a new start. 

My co-workers however didn’t feel the same… Many were very fearful and nervous for their futures.

The organization that laid us off, hired a company to help employees get back to work after an event like this. 

The career counselor who led the first workshop was very discouraging. She said things like: “You won’t be able to make the amount you were making here. This was an anomaly, you will have to start at the bottom and work your way up again… She said this among other things…

Something in my head said, this is not right. I will prove her wrong. & So I did. Then I figured out a way to talk about my ability to bring value and results in a way that didn’t feel icky to me. Then I started explaining to others how they could do the same for themselves, and yield higher salaries as a result.

In 2019 and 2020, I coached over 100 professionals to get not just “get jobs”, but unreasonable jobs people like recruiters told them were not possible for them with their current experience & education.

I’ve noticed over and over again there is only one crucial difference between the professional who makes a high six figure salary vs. one who is underpaid for adding the same value….

It’s whether they understand, believe & know how to talk about their value in a way that lands with them first, so they can exude high value when it matters most.

This is not a “nice to have.” It’s a must if you want to have a career where you make what you deserve, do work you enjoy, & create the impact you’re capable of.

Your salary grows in proportion to your ability to communicate your value effectively, & it’s about more than just salary. Because we also want a wonderful life, one that is congruent with our values.

The Six Figure Curriculum comes from Truth, Value & Service… and is the missing piece for those who are great at what they do, but their income & environment does not currently reflect it.

The Six Figure Curriculum is the richest curriculum you’ll ever learn, in that it shines a spotlight on your unique gifts…

The Six Figure Curriculum creates trust, resonance, and unlocks magical opportunities.

The Six Figure Curriculum effortlessly draws in and filters for the kind of organizations who will align with you the most, and are happy to pay you what you deserve… this happens to also be the most profitable career strategy.

And most importantly, The Six Figure Curriculum isn’t “another damn thing” you HAVE to do.

If you’re just starting out, this is what will get you connecting with the right humans fast. If you already have an established career, this will be the difference between stressful, hit-or-miss interviews and confident “Oh I totally crushed it” moments.

The Six Figure Curriculum will be the end of interview & salary talk dread, forever.

Let interviewing & advocating for yourself, feel as meaningful as actually doing the work you love. And let your income finally reflect your real-life contributions.


Total Investment of $2000 USD 

I want to pay in full & save  $691.00

Or 3 payments of $897/Month USD

I want to take advantage of the payment plan 
Ok Let's Do it!

You might be wondering…

  • Who is this program for?

    You have an open mind and are willing to work to make what you want a reality
    You know you  just need some trusted guidance to make it happen

  • I’m not 100% sure on the exact job I want yet, do I need to have that in place before I join the program?

    You’re in the right place! This program has been designed to help you Think long-term, strategically to set you up for a highly successful & fulfilled career ahead.

    As long as you have some experience where transferable skills can be showcased & are well prepared to do the work to unlock your zone of genius, you have what it takes to be successful in this program.

  • What’s your coaching style?

    If you want to know more about my style, check out the client interviews above where they answer this question on how they have experienced me as a coach. (Hint some have said blunt, some have said tough love, the point is I’m laser focused on the results you want and that doesn’t always mean hugs & cuddles)

  • What’s the time investment for this program?

    I would invite you to consider how long you’re spending now on this problem, whether that be on linkedin, applying for jobs, or just thinking about it. & I can guarantee that the time used to apply this curriculum will be less than that, because it will be time so much more efficiently spent. There is even a lesson that breaks down exactly how to spend your time, ensuring that you’re doing the result-generating activities.

  • Do I get access to all the modules all at once?

    Yes! Once you’ve completed the sign up process & paid your first installment (or paid in full), you’ll have access to all the materials in the program so you can get started straight away.

    There’s SO much value in the content that you won’t find anywhere else, including a step-by-step behind-the-scenes guide to all the things I would do in an interview that leaves me feeling confident AF.

    Trust me, you’ll want to dive in there as soon as you can!

  • How long will I have access to the material?

    You will have lifetime access to this material, be able to attend coaching calls for as long as you want to, and get support throughout your whole career from here on out. There is nothing like this on the market today that supports you at this level.

  • What if I do have another question that isn’t answered here?

    If you have further questions, please reach out to so that we can help you make the best decision possible for you.

  • What happens once I sign up?

    You will get an email from me with your personal login, where you'll get access to all the online materials, the info for the live coaching calls + Linkedin Community, & you'll be ready to dive right in. If you've got an interview coming up, you can skip straight to the Whole Interviewing Module.


Depending on what you most need right now, pick a module. Or start from the very beginning.

Spend 5 minutes watching just one video.

Spend 10 minutes doing just one worksheet exercise.

That alone could change the trajectory of your career.

Any single tool, technique or worksheet can change the way you show up, to compel that human to hire you today.

There is so much gold, and any starting place is magic.

Start today. Don’t wait.

As many of my clients say, I just wish I’d decided sooner...

Let’s do it.


Total Investment of $2000 USD 

Or 3 payments of $897/Month USD