Resume Opt-in

Resumes are tricky documents, and boy do I know how annoying they can be to get just right. The good news is, yours can show off your value to the max by using the strategies I’ve personally used to get myself & my clients even more interviews than they’ve had the time to prep for! 

In this guide you’ll learn: 

  • The 3 main strategies professional resume writers use to write interview generating resumes .

  • 3 example resumes (Including my own) that have landed an unlimited number of real live interviews

  • The simple, yet powerful resume template that will get you writing in 10 minutes or less  

A Little About Me

I’m Natalie I’m based out of Victoria BC. Canada. I’ve worked for some big name companies including Amazon, FLIR Systems & xMatters. I believe that navigating the world of ‘career’ for a job seeker is hard. We have a need for clarity (at least I do). There are so many things relating to ‘career’ and job searching that are super unclear. I can help.

See you on the other side!