Are You Feeling Stuck in Your Job Hunt?

Having little to no luck on interviews? Feeling tired of all the things not working? Not even totally sure what you want to be doing yet? 

No worries

This is What I do 

You could spend AGES continuing to spin your wheels doing this on your own.  

Or you can let me help. I LOVE this stuff.

After working with me you’ll be armed with the most effective tools and strategies to feel completely in control of your career trajectory! 

Transformational Coaching

Private coaching is perfect for you if:

  • You're job hunt is going slowly and not progressing as you'd hoped
  • You're an action taker but your actions aren't getting you the results
  • You want some extra support reaching your career goals quicker
  • You want to make sure you bring your A game to your interviews 
  • You want to remove the guesswork from your job hunt & confidently move forward

We Get A Lot Done Including (but not limited to):  

  • We get you in the right headspace to confidently move forward each day
  • Ensure you're taking actions to generate an abunance of opportunities
  • We conduct mock interviews with real feedback for you to crush your interviews
  • We walk through salary negotiations & any other awkward questions that come up  
  • We review your interview stories so you can deliver them with confidence
  • You learn the secrets to getting your dream job (in a way that feels good to you)

We map out your plan of action which will include:

  • The 4 ways you will add value upfront to employers
  • The 6+ Stories you need to be all set to nail the interview
  • Lots of practice interview Q&A + realtime feedback
  • Which questions you will ask them and when to ask them
  • Your 30/60/90 day plan for when you get the job 



(We will be working closely together so we both want to make sure that you can get what you came for right?)  

1. To book your free mini-session - reach out to me directly via email at:  

2. Send me 3 days/times you are available with the best phone number to reach you at (Canada or USA phone numbers only) I will make one of your times work 

3. We will set up your initial Free Mini-Session for me to learn more about you & where you're at

4. I will send you a gmail invitation to confirm our date/time for the mini-session

5. You accept my invite & we chat at our scheduled time


Before Your Free Mini-Session:

  • I'll send you a gmail invite for the free mini-session
  • I will phone you via phone number - please provide the best number to phone you at (Canada and USA only) If you are in UK or Australia we can use a web app. (Whatsapp or Skype).

During Your Free Mini-Session:

  • Just before our min-session: Eliminate every distraction you can, get ready to talk in a place where you can give your full attention.
  • I will ask you some questions to find out where you are at now, where you want to be, and we will figure out together what has been holding you back from getting there.
  • I will let you know what your roadblocks are and how you can get past them
  • We will come to a mutual decison by the end of the call as to whether or not we will work together to achieve your goals moving forward
  • If we decide we are going forward, we will schedule our first session and set up your next steps.
  • If we decide we are not moving forward I will give you whatever help I can and send you on your way (no hard feelings, I promise).

After Your Mini-Session:

  • If we decide to work together you will get an invite to your first session and a link to complete the sign-up process.
  • You will get an email with your receipt, and another email with all of your bonus materials when you sign up!
  • Celebrate yourself for taking this important step forward towards what you want in your life!
  • Get ready for your life to completely change in a transformational way & for you to start CRUSHING it!

Olivia's Results

I just want to let you know that I ended up getting the job! This is my third week at the new job and I love it. Thanks again for all your help I really think it was the game changer that helped me get the job. Very grateful for your work! 

Olivia Chun Field: Marketing  



LESSON 1: Pro Interview Prep  

  • The winning mindset you need to land the job 
  • How to develop unshakable confidence so that you’re ready for anything in the interview
  • The game changer that sets you apart from all other candidates (and costs them jobs and salary)
  • The 5 pieces of info you need to know about the company you’re interviewing at + exactly where to find it  

LESSON 2: Setting The Tone For A Successful Interview  

  • The failsafe formula for answering the ‘tell me about yourself’ question
  • 2 radically different approaches to making a memorable first impression


LESSON 3: Nailing Your Interviews  

  • Key strategies to successfully navigate most common interview structures with ease
  • 6 core story themes that will always crop up in any interview + how to confidently answer them 
  • How to communicate your unique value so that you can easily stand out from other candidates 
  • The 2 most common reasons people don’t get the job offer (that hiring managers won’t tell you) 
  • How to convince a hiring manager that you can do something you’ve never (officially) done before 
  • How to answer tough questions about your ‘experience’ (when you really don’t have any to speak of) 
  • What to say when you really don’t have an answer (no matter how well prepared you are this still happens)


LESSON 4: Effective Interview Follow Up  

  • How soon is too soon to follow up (+ exact templates for effective interview follow up)
  • Exactly how to follow up after an interview (and how many times)
  • What to do if they are taking for freakin ever to get back to you 
  • What you can do to speed up the process if they’re dragging their feet 
  • What to do when you haven’t heard back + how long is too long to wait?  


LESSON 1: How To Identify Your Best Possible Salary  

  • How to research salary effectively 
  • How to shoot higher than you think you deserve
  • The collaborative salary negotiation technique so you don’t sweat the back and forth 
  • How to know where in the range you should be 
  • The backdoor way to finding accurate salary ranges for the roles you’re applying for  

LESSON 2: How To Navigate Every Step Of The Negotiation Process  

  • When to negotiate, when to know when you’re done (and how to accept gracefully) 
  • How to handle the ‘salary expectations’ question at any stage of the hiring process
  • The exact word for word salary negotiation script that landed a 10k raise 
  • The best responses for a negotiation where they said there was no flexibility 
  • The 10 most common objections you’ll hear when negotiating (and how to handle each one effortlessly)  


LESSON 1: What You Need To Know When Starting A New Job  

  • What to do when you get the call being offered the job! 
  • What you should know before you sign the contract 
  • What you need to know before you arrive on your first day of work 
  • How to get over any first day nerves  
  • What to expect on your first day (from an HR perspective)  
  • How to knock it out of the park in the first 90 days + your top focuses to be on track for a promotion  

Eshra's Results

I had 6 interviews over the space of two weeks & landed 4 job offers. The biggest issue was figuring out what company I wanted to work for - not a bad problem I would say lolol! You really helped me. I'm thankful that you take the time to do what you do. Biggest Hug Ever.

Eshra S. Field: Finance 


The Resume Transformation Blueprint Online Program (Value $497) 

Even though, your resume is a small peice of this puzzle, you probably still know that it's a necessary part. When you sign up for the Career Kickstart Blueprint you'll get this bonus resume + cover letters course, where again you can fill in the blanks, and build and assemble your resume + cover letter to the positions you're applying for in just a couple of hours. 

One of the things students love the most about this resume course + how it differs from any other one out there, is it contains 100+ Examples of powerful resume lines, and objective statements that you can tailor to fit your situation. 

MASTER CLASS #1 (Value $297) Mind Management & Job Search Mastery

What You'll Get

  • How to solve any issue you’re having right now with a simple formula for changing the way you think
  • How to navigate the job search process like a total powerhouse from start to finish 
  • How to get clear on what your dream job actually is and the next steps to take
  • How to gain un-wavering belief in your ability to land your dream job (regardless of where you’re currently at now) 
  • The 3 main mental road blocks my clients always run up against and how to speed through them all the way until you reach your dream job  

MASTER CLASS #2 (Value $297) The 5 Steps To A Successful Career Transition

What You'll Get:

  • How to assess what you’ve got to offer now and communicate your value effectively
  • How to market yourself for the new role in a way that makes employers ready & excited to hire you
  • How to break into an industry where you don’t have the experience yet 
  • The 5 strategic steps to take to move into your new industry even when you haven’t been successful previously 
  • How a Plumber with a wife & kids and a mortgage transitioned into a role as a Software Developer  

MASTER CLASS #3 (Value $297) The Confidence Formula

What You'll Get

  • The number one reason people get nervous before interviews and how to fix it 
  • The 5 step process to coach yourself out of nervousness and into self confidence
  • The best way to address nerves in an interview so they don’t get in the way of your job offer
  • The 2 killer mistakes that are causing you to show up nervous and tense to interviews
  • The number one reason nerves can kill your chances at an offer 
  • The single thought that miraculously gives you a boost of self confidence  


Schedule Your Free Mini-Session Now Email me at with 3 days/times you're available and we will go from there.