A 3 Month personalized coaching experience to get the six figure job you love

This is right for you if you're looking for personalized support to

  • Get hired into the six figure+ role you want
  • Plan out your next raise or promotion
  • Increase your earning capacity for life
  • Create maximum impact in your career
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I know you…

You love solving challenges, & you’re really good at it!

You pick up new things quickly & You can figure things out you’ve never done before, you’ve done it several times in your career & you have results to prove it.

The problem is... YOU don’t even know how you do it

So it’s hard for you to explain...
You get too much in your head...
Second guess yourself...
Try to come up with the “right” answer...
And end up rambling, or sounding like a robot.

You know you should be earning a lot more & working in a place that lights you up, but you’re not confident in how to articulate your value to get there.

You’ve tried over-practicing & over-preparing your external scripts... 

You’ve gone over all the potential questions multiple times but you always seem to feel like you need “more time to prepare”... 

Then they never ask how you think they’re going to ask… 🙄

What you’re really missing IS NOT more of the same preparation…

What you’re missing are the INTERNAL scripts that bring out that predictably confident version of you that needs to be present when it matters most.

There is an Alternative Solution

This is why I’ve been working with hundreds of professionals, & the process I’ve created is designed, tested, and proven to solve this from the root.

This is the hard truth. People don’t hire the best candidate for the job, they hire the candidate they can understand & connect with the fastest.

The good news is, there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. 
All my clients have been there before...

It happens because you’re so busy doing the work itself, delivering & driving the results…

You’re not paying attention to your unique processes for how you do things.
What actually makes you successful.
Or What your unique zone of genius is.

So when you try to explain yourself, & articulate your value in a clear succinct way, you get caught up with not wanting to brag or sound arrogant, & not knowing...

Exactly what to say, or “what they want to hear” Trying to give the “perfect” answer…

This causes you to severely under-earn in your career.

  • It causes you to second-guess your own abilities.
  • It causes you to settle for less because you just don’t know what you don’t know.
  • It causes all of the side-effects from not living up to what you know you’re capable of in your career...

Before I was overthinking the interview process & thinking that I need more time to prepare, the problem was I Always needed more time to prepare & wasn’t moving forward.

I wasn’t sure about the value that coaching would bring to me. I was happy to see results coming quickly once I committed to the process.

Do the homework that Natalie provides, & the results you get are going to be proportional to the amount you put in & you will see very good results! Coaching helped me a lot to shape my thoughts process to many aspects of interviewing & negotiating, as a result, I ended up with multiple offers on the table.

The "above & beyond" concept gave me a good bump in my confidence in front of the interviewer. I felt I became more productive in every conversation.

Take the advantage of this program to clear the doubts you have about yourself. If you commit yourself to it then the next thing you will expect is to be celebrating your successes."

- - Mohammed Moussaif - Technical Program Manager

My initial skepticism was not specific towards Natalie but to the idea of coaching itself. I relied pretty much on my own before and would not have considered it.

But I decided to give it a try at least, & it worked. I got a six-figure + offer and was able to negotiate it up.

I liked that you pushed me a bit into taking action on things I needed to do but was hesitant about. Like untangling the reasons why I did not want to. I got a lot of value on your insistence on going back to the thought model, what serves me and what does not. In a month pieces started to fall into their places.

You personally care about the people you work with. You're not just trying to apply a fixed formula once and again. 

You're looking to provide value & you have the sense to explore different approaches. The benefits of your program go well beyond getting a new six-figure position."

- Diego Quiroga - Development Manager 

Here’s how we do it

The reason why this process is so effective is because it addresses the actual root cause of the problem.

I understand what it's like to be amazing at what you do but not know how to communicate it in a way that connects and lands with the right people.

Changing this all starts with identifying your own limitations, your own self-doubt, unravelling the limiting beliefs that you’re not aware are blocking you. 

In my 1:1 Coaching Program. I help you get into your six figure ideal role by identifying & unravelling the limitations that have stopped you up until now.

I help you clear the doubts & get you moving full steam ahead.

Don’t take my word for it.

Listen to the full story on the podcast CLICK HERE

Listen to the full story on the podcast CLICK HERE

Listen to the full story on the podcast CLICK HERE

Listen to the full story on the podcast CLICK HERE

Apply Now

This is for you if:

  • You’re a professional with some experience in your field &  you’re known for your great work & results.
  • You know you could do this alone but you also know that you haven’t yet so… there’s that.
  • You identify as an ambitious person who is an action taker, (the coaching tools that I teach you inside our 1:1 container 100% work when you apply them).
  • You know you can get interviews lined up, & you’re being contacted by recruiters, but, whether you’re at 50k or 70k now, you want to reach 100k by clearly communicating your value
  • You want to be able to map out your next raise & promotion by delivering & KNOW you’ll get it.
  • You’re looking for a coach that's able to integrate inner work (the best in the industry Mindset tools) & outer work (Strategy & actual steps to take)
  • You want to be seen & valued at the level you know you can be, you want to see what you’re truly capable of
  • You know there are huge benefits in hiring a coach to show you what you can’t see yourself,  & suggest actual steps you can take to your 100k + Role & you want results like these:

This is not for you if:

  • You don’t see the value in hiring a coach or investing in yourself.  (I only work with clients who are coachable, all in & open throughout the process). *Hint: this is why you’re not earning at the level you could be.*
  • You're looking for a quick-fix PDF or online course that you think can get you to six figures in your career
  • You have no idea what you want to do & you have no education or experience whatsoever

What happens when you apply to work with me?

When you click the ‘APPLY’ button below, you’re going to be taken to a form where I get to know you & your career to get a feel for whether or not we’re a good fit to work together.

 This will help me understand more about you, & if you’re the right fit, so please provide as much relevant detail as you can.

 Due to the demand, at the end of the application form, I ask you why you’d be a good client to work with.

 If you’re selected for a 1:1 call, we’ll be making a decision by the end of the call.

 If it’s not the right fit for you, no hard feelings I'll send you on your way with some additional resources.

At the end of the 3 months you will:

  •  Elevate your ability to navigate your career & the quality of opportunities that you attract, so that you’re only talking to companies that are willing & ready to pay your target salary.
  • Craft a unique set of stories you share with full confidence & have FUN telling! So you can confidently sell yourself & communicate your FULL value instead of under-selling yourself.
  • Realize the real impact you’ve had in your career so far, so you can clearly communicate it without second guessing or under-selling yourself.
  • Create a magnetic interview vibe, that gives Hiring Panels a taste of what it’s like to work with you, & become top choice in their minds
  • Master curiosity to show up to interviews with nothing to prove & everything to offer embodying the true essence of a High Value candidate.
  • Effortlessly master my Opportunity Stacking technique to open up doors you didn’t know existed, & have people approaching you with job offers for years to come.
  • Own your zone of genius – confident in your ability to figure anything out & handle any roadblock along the way with a clear & focused thought process.
  • Delight in being your full, authentic self during the interview process & In Your new role!
  •  Impress your Manager with a plan for inevitable results & create the path for your next substantial raise & promotion within the next 6 months.

Final note…

If you’ve listened to most of my podcasts… (Or watched many of my youtube videos)

If you’ve already had some aha moments just from listening… & you’re looking for an experienced mentor to support you in your career...

1:1 Coaching with me might be the exact thing that will change your life forever.

My 3-Month All inclusive private coaching experience is an intimate program to get you to the next level in your career.

I help clients:

  • Get into a six figure jobs they didn’t originally believe were available to them
  • Get a raise & promotion when they’d asked before with no luck
  • Get multiple job offers & negotiate the BEST one for them
  • Get GIANT raises by helping them master what I call the value & impact conversation
  • Make HUGE leaps in their income in a single job jump!
  • Clear up confusion & move forward into what they’re meant for while simultaneously increasing their salary!

And I do all this by unravelling the limiting beliefs holding you back now… Just like these clients experienced